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We are a beauty [make-up and hair] professional company, founded in July 2010,with our base situated in the bubbly metropolis of Lagos city, Nigeria.Africa. Our services comprise professional make-up and hairstyling; discharged in-studio and outdoor[locations]: bridal hair & make-up, film make-up & special effects make-up, TV shows and the stage shows,all to name a few.

We also help to facilitate hands-on training on different platforms for organisations and private institutions to train and raise leaders within the beauty industry.

The founder Michael Wale; a trained and certified cosmetologist [Hair and make-up] with more than a decade years experience in cosmetics retail and management. With vast knowledge of artistic conceptualization of hair and make-up ideas to suit a required brief: e.g. bridals,commercials,editorial & Tv,saw the need to create a world-class company that will cater for the yearnings of individual fashionistas and organisation who are desirous of looking and feeling good.

Oloreo has handled high profiled projects for clients within the entertainment and corporate companies in Nigeria: Hair styling –Project fame west Africa season 5 [2012],Hair styling -B430 an MNET Tv show[2015], Make-up character design- Standard Chartered Bank [2015], Hair & character Make-up design- Mended [2016] a stage play for Daystar Christian centre,amongst others.

Oloreo as a brand has thus come to fill the void and fulfill peoples fantasy of being style icons and celebrated stars whose taste will become a definition of the word- 'class' and unique transformation.

Oloreo Professionals

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